Friday, September 29, 2006

The dark and seedy forest

Hansel and Gretel go to the forest with devastating consequences. Little red riding hood didn’t fare too well either. Today’s darkest and seediest forest is the Internet, where a paedophile lies on the bed dressed as the unwell grand mother striving to make contact.

- But grandma’, why do you have such big ears?
- So I can full fill your longing for an adult who listens.
- But grandma’, why do you have such a big mouth?
- So that I can end your childhood by devouring everything innocent and share the leftovers with my friends.

Paedophiles secret weapon is to exploit a child’s need for an understanding adult, which they have not got from their own parents. Hence experts suggest that the best way to protect a child from paedophiles is to take care of the quality of parenthood. A child who receives enough attention, understanding, acceptance and love is less likely to take up on the temptations of strangers than the one left without all the attention and love.

A family is so much more than a group of people who you share the fridge with.

Not really rocket science, but atleast some one is voicing their opinion.

A child is often so ashamed and so guilty that they are not able to speak out about being molested. Hence why police, globally is targeting the Internet chat rooms as a place to start tracking paedophiles. What then when some one some where decides to pull the plug? Are we to move the responsibility on to the shoulders of volunteers?

We have a duty to protect childhood and innocence. The message must be clear: If you destroy a life of a child, we will destroy yours.

In the Netherlands paedophiles have been busy trying to form their own political party. Their reasoning is based on individual’s freedom and democracy. Every flower must be given the chance to bloom, because the population is due to voice their opinion, on what flowers are going to be accepted to the society.

What the fuck?

Compared to this world, stories by Brother’s Grim are happy bed time stories!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And on todays menu...

“Would you like large or regular?”

A question we have to ponder ever so often when we have our deluge of unhealthy fatty foods into our bodies. Deep fat fried foods, bacon, fry ups.

It is a well known fact that over 90% of the British population are over weight or obese and that the dietary habits of a nation have been famously criticized by the French and the Russians. And on a personal note I am sad to say that I do not take dietary advise from a British person seriously, because it has no credibility.

Though the nation quite open heartedly admit the problem and that their lust for heart attack laced foods is insatiable little or nothing at all is being done about the crisis that has been on the cards for years now.

Or is there?

Oh yes there is. How could I forget that the government is doing everything in its power to educate people about healthier dietary habits and healthy life styles? The governments response to a dilemma that has grown to be a crisis is far from ideal. Right now our only source for dietary advise comes from the idiot box.

Oh yes, the British government in their infinite wisdom has left it to the coach potatoes to grimace at shocking shows as Ian Wright’s Fat kids, Jamie’s Return to School meals and Diet Doctors and a dozen other health shows. It sure makes great entertainment to watch fat blobs that once were called kids struggle with even the smallest amount of exercise, but is it the solution to the nationwide problem?

Yes it seems fairly common day that fat people make good television now, but it is doing very little if anything to actually promote a healthy living on a wider scale. Sure a few might pick up on the shock horror value of these shows, but without the proper guidance or advise they are stuck in an endless loop of not losing their weight and effectively cutting their lives short.

The most common excuse we hear now days is that we do not have enough time, but in brutal honesty it’s all down to bad time management. The time we spend “relaxing” in front of a TV screen could be spent exercising. All it takes to maintain a good general health is to do a minimum of half an hour of exercise per day. And this does not include walking in town and shopping. The NHS is already bleeding millions of pounds to waste to provide electric wheel chairs for the obese, because their own legs are unable to support their bodies, and the money the nations fat is costing us could be spent in better ways than worrying about that a enormous ball of lard, that once was a human being, gets around. Part of being a human is to be able to use all parts of your body and maintaining the body so that we can lead active and healthy lives, but once some one has to rely on machines to get us around due to our weight they deserve to be ridiculed and pointed at.

The problem exists in schools and at homes. Parents are too lazy to care for their children. They are looking for quick fix meal solutions, so that they can enjoy their peace and quiet in front of the TV. They would rather sit their kids in front of a PlayStation or an Xbox than encourage them to take part in after school activities or sports.

Like said, parents aren’t the only ones to blame for the reckless dietary habits of the young. Schools are the biggest culprits in letting our kids and the nation go loose. Schools exist in the main to provide education and in that education included is not only the knowledge of basic core subjects, but education into healthy lives. PE lessons hardly exist, schools are not being aggressive enough in trying to encourage children to take on sports. Decent home economy classes are not being provided and if they are they consist of teaching the basic English dishes: bangers and mash, fry ups, fish and chips and probably steak and ale pie. How on earth is a child supposed to learn how to live a life if it is not encouraged by it’s educators and mentors to seek activities and be physically active.

Instead of providing information and educating children on healthy values and life styles they get fed fatty foods, with no nutritional value and get are probably the most stressed group of people. Even though the school system starts from an early age, the nation still wonders why on earth is the future of the nation getting dumber and dumber by generation.

It is a proven fact that sports and daily exercise help people focus and achieve better results. Exercise also works as a stress reliever and helps one maintain a healthy life style in the main. If the government is promising money to take care of school lunches it has failed. The nation will get fatter and fatter unless people do not take the proactive approach and switch the idiot box off and go experience the great out doors.

It’s a sad disgrace that we are bringing up such a hollow and shallow generation and have been stuck in the loop for a long time. Abandon the TV shows about fat people, if nothing else works; Tax the fat! Otherwise nothing can fix the damage done.

Friday, September 08, 2006

(un)Happily Ever After

Time and time again we have had the sweet pleasure to read about variety of marriage crisis. Whether it’s David Beckham sleeping with his PA, or whether it has been some other B-rate celebrity that has gone and wrecked their marriage.

Some people do not seem to understand that love is a matter of heart.

People want to make their wedding days the most memorable day of their lives. The ceremony has to be beautiful and the ensuing party has to get the parents and relatives to a state where they, despite their wisdom, need to be carried home. You need to have traditions, colour themes, exceptional buffet meals and surprising programme to entertain the guests. The bride must wear a dress that will make the priest choke and cause a strife with the brides’ mother and make the mother in law to faint. The wedding guests are all groomed to their finest with their moronic Golgate smiles.

The really dumb thing is that once you get older you realise that big ceremonies and all the excess crap at a wedding was unnecessary, because you really start to truly understand the fundamentals of love and relationships. All you care about that the relationship works and that both parties are happy. Think of it this way: No one in funerals is talking about colour schemes, or throwing sand outside the church and no one says a word about robbing the body.

Maybe part of the reason for the increase in divorces is in the reason that everything has to be so perfect just for that one day and the rest is meaningless. According to Danish studies, once couples get to the stage that they want to have kids they enter into the crisis stage of a relationship. Many couples at this stage start to think for the first time “why the hell did we get married?”

“The holy matrimony” should not be about the excess crap that people pour into it. The whole idea of weddings has been churned in to a lucrative and overly commercialised market, where women and men are fed this idea that it is your one and only day. Marriage should be about sharing a life instead of making hollow promises and live just for that one-day. Cut the excess crap from the ceremony and make your weddings about your commitment to each other.

In that sense love and marriage are wonderful things. If people keep organising their glamorous dream weddings, the prospect is that the marriage will fail, because they have put everything to that one day, without thinking about the most essential aspect of matrimony: Sharing a life.
If the trend in failed marriages and over hyped and glamorised weddings continue, we might as well set up agencies and write two year contracts for marriages.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Five Years On...

Remembrance is a funny thing. It’s now five years since 9-11-01 and every year we are reminded of the events of that day, as if to bring back that utter shock of watching the planes hit the towers and the towers initially collapsing. Where 9-11 was a horrible attack, it has been milked for more than it is worth. We’ve got two big screen feature films (Flight 93 and World Trade Center) coming out aptly in time for the 5th anniversary of the day. In comparison Pearl Harbour had a big screen film made about it several years after the attack happened. Though there had been numerous films made about Pearl Harbour before the Ben Affleck starred pile of dog turd came out, it was a film that was made in the same vane as Flight 93 and WTC.

Besides the film companies bringing in the dollars with the films, there are greater implications of the attack and what it was used for. The post 9-11 world was in turmoil and since then “the free world”, though greatly by one man, has declared a war on terrorism. “The free world” didn’t have much choice in the declaration of war as the motto was “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”. USA and the Bush administration acted like school yard bullies to rally masses of support behind them to fight terrorism and “smoke ‘em out of their caves”.

So “The Free World” has bombed Afghanistan, to fight the Taleban rule, because they were “extremists” and “we’re harbouring terrorists” and who could forget Iraq? “They’ve got Weapons of Mass Destruction” didn’t really work on us first but the more they kept hammering at it the more people believed it. The worldwide peace demonstrations showed that “we the people” do not have a voice in the grand scheme of things. If millions of people around the world are saying that war will do nothing to resolve issues, but make things worse it would make the smart ones of us to think that “Hey maybe there is something that we are doing wrong”. The complete ignorance from the current administration to even recognize the demonstrations showed how hell bent on war they really are. With some certainty, in some dark room they are thinking of ways to attack the next potential terrorist state on their list; Iran.

All of these acts have been committed under the blanket of 9-11. We are supposed to believe that the people who committed these attacks hide in the countries “The Free World” wants to bomb.

However looking back on the 9-11 issues, something stinks. People seem to have completely forgotten and ignored the countless reports on secondary explosions at the WTC towers prior and during the time of collapse. The missing jet from Pentagon and Shanksville, not to mention the passengers who were claimed to be vaporised due to the intense heat. However months after it was reported that forensic experts managed to identify 90% of the victims. It is truly miraculous that technology today has come so far that we are able to identify something that was supposed to have completely vanished into the thin air.

While I am not a firm believer of conspiracy theories, in the case of 9-11 they ask valid questions that “We the people” forgot to ask in our state of shock and recovery following the months of 9-11.

Five years on, its not clear whether the world is recovering or whether we are executing the obvious human emotion from the attack, vengeance. Thousands of people have died in the vane of 9-11 and “the free world” since 2001 and many will continue to die. During the time we have been under several different threats and seen devastating attacks on innocent people, mainly Madrid 9-11 and London 07-07. But when fight against terrorism is taken overboard consequences can be severe.

The case was clearly demonstrated in the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. Though dwindling peace in the region hundreds of civilians died on both sides, though the Lebanese casualties were near the thousands, mainly civilians. The world is now facing a tough couple of months observing the peace in the middle east. It’s ironic that after cessation of hostilities in Lebanon, Israel focused it’s attacks on the Gaza strip.

People who were brave enough to raise their voice in the opposition of Israel’s action truly deserve their praise, while the likes of UN deserve shame for their delayed reaction organising a cease fire. Ironic as it is my opinion is that we will never see the Israeli PM or the military leaders in court to face charges for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So five years on and the TV is showing another documentary on the survival stories and what happened on 9-11. As “we the people” would’ve forgotten.