Monday, November 27, 2006

The Dusk of Morality

Society behaves as it sees morally fit. Citizens’ morals are often regulated by laws, which try and prohibit unwanted behaviour and favour the behaviour that the society sees fit. But how many of the law and policy makers understand that behaviour that is right is regulated by something else than law. The best of things can be an enemy. It must be kept in mind when you are discussing what a healthy society has to do for its citizens.

Rewind back thirty odd years. Students in higher education could not bare the thought of going to unemployment register for the summer. It would have been an act to be shamed off. Today it is not a shame it is a privilege. Unemployment back in these days was a temporary state that you tried to eradicate no matter what.

Today there are countless of people unemployed, and no one is ashamed or embarrassed about the fact. Not the unemployed, the politicians or the employees. The society’s moral understanding has changed. Working and earning a living are completely disregarded, while society bleeds millions in tax payers’ moneys into the unemployed.

What has changed the moral of caring for your self and family to a “I want it all and I want it now” moral? Unfortunately it is the wide spread of public services expanding. A nice thought has produced an ugly end result.

To make things worse: Academically educated parents of two, both employed full time, pay their first net tax at the age of forty-five. Until then they are in the receiver ship of society.

It is clear that society’s back is at a breaking point. The nation is in turmoil with people not willing to look for work when the society is paying for everything. People have become focussed on their own interests. The blame is to be placed on those who enjoy the benefits of councils and on the government who has made it possible for too many to benefit from too many services. We are getting so close to the barrier that will break what we have come to know as ‘morals’. To make matters worse, the elite of the society is competing amongst itself how selfish greed will see them to a better life.

Our tax monies is not an unending supply of well being of future generations. The money needs to be spent on building a better future for our children and our grandchildren. We do not want to leave them in a financial struggle in a nation without morals where honest hard days work is not worth a thing?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reality of Terror

According to the latest research published by Think If Laboratories suggests that threats to the world are severely split. As expected the number one spot is held by Al-Qaida leader, Osama Bin Laden followed by Kim Jong Il and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Surprisingly, high up on the list was the president of the United States, who is fighting against this axis of evil in the name of democracy. People see George W. Bush as a formidable threat to the world right next to individuals he himself and the media have named as the threats.

The current criticism and the new found threat has risen due to the war in Iraq. Despite the world uniting and sending condolences to the USA after 9-11-01, it gave Bush a reason to invade and caused an uproar from those countries that had condemned the attacks and sympathized with the USA.

Osama Bin Laden is now merely a symbol of fear and terror and Al-Qaida is more a way of thinking than an active terrorist body. People would still die for Osama’s name, even if he was dead.

Bush has done much to mystify the name and image of Osama Bin Laden. The attack to Iraq was justified by Al-Qaida threat and Saddam Hussein harboring terrorists, even though the Al-Qaida movement had no foot hold under Saddam’s regime. Now Bush is claiming that Al-Qaida will fill in the void that is left in Iraq today, despite the fact that the problem in Iraq at the moment is within the countries’ people them selves, not a catalyst such as Al-Qaida.

Hezbollah and Hamas leaders are high on the list, much due to their relationship with Israel, though ironically, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert is also seen as a formidable threat.

Gadaffi and Castro are seen as past threats to the world. Vladimir Putin does not raise any fear in the people, but his followers do. China and the Great Britain are not classified as threats to the free world.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dreams and Utopia

We live in a surreal world. Science fiction novels have partly come true. Brittish author Aldous Huxley published his Brave New World in 1932. The ethos of the book is the realisation of utopian dream is a lot easier than you would have believed.

It is now 2006 and we are living in total utopian world. It is the illusion created by the continuous growth, that ‘big brother’ is overseeing. You remember the Peugeot add don’t you? We are caught on camera over 300 times a day. Our moves and lives are monitored by these security measures and countless registers we are listed under. If you want to find some one, it is not that difficult. Nothing is a secret, except reality.

The continuous technological advances are cleverly marketed to misguided to our weak standards of living and with the fact that the advances will make our daily lives easier. In reality the total opposite has happened; people burn out before they hit their middle ages. We are downgrading our health services and people who need treatment are left to wander the streets with anti depressants in their pockets. The safe communities of the past are history and everyone has to find their own way.

The 21st century big brother is the faceless markets, which control the world economy. Self producing production is meaningless. Success of companies is set by investors who speculate with market shares and by waiting.

“We focus on what is important” is a statement heard too often. It is wide spread from the mouths of corporate leaders. In reality it means that all material goods need to be get rid of, one way or another. Forestry companies sell their forests unwary of the truth and other companies sell their estates. This frees money to a greater game and world domination. In reality greater corporations rely only on their knowledge and expertise. If demand falls, destruction follows. The capital has been spent.

It’s a vicious cycle that affects us all. It has its own mechanism, that not one government controls. It burns natural resources at an increasing rate and pollutes the air we breathe. We are all apart of a twisted and extreme version “Survivor” where the weakest are dropped. In reality man has invented a machine that will stop only after the world has drowned in the shit it produces.

A high judge who could put everything to an end does not exist. Only the leaders can slow the progress down by making rash decisions. This will leave on the people we now pity, because they can’t afford to be a part of the great game. Maybe we are living in a new era, in which the great minds of our world are coming up with ways to avoid utopias and plan the return to the most non-utopian way of life. A life less perfect, but free.