Friday, July 28, 2006

The Kindergarten Cop

If war serves no other purpose, it at least works as a prime example of putting the blame on some one else. The latest "we-don't-want-war-but-they-started-it" example comes from the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. Countless of civilians, including children and the elderly are forced to live in bomb shelters, while the big boys are trying to find out who is who. Two nations again digging each other’s graves and further affecting the downward spiral of evil.

There is a slight difference between the bombings of Lebanon and bombing Iraq. The latter was bombed in the "name of the free world" and Lebanon are taking hammering more or less due to territorial gains. Israel will say otherwise, but I think the general consensus is that the two soldiers have been forgotten.

I think The Times got it right: Esam Haider, a civilian who took safety in the bomb shelters, rather ironically says "Why are they giving the Israeli's weapons and food to us?" Esam is referring to the indifference of the USA, where president Bush keeps the nation's defence and military operations greased due to the aid they provide Israel, who will most likely carry on its attacks against Beirut. After the bombings are over USA will appear to the scene as the Christ like saviour handing out food and blankets to those left homeless and injured by their own bombs. Rather ironic.

Haider makes other rather peculiar observation about the situation by asking "Is Bush trying to make us fat, while he provides Israel even bigger bombs that are going to kill us anyways?"

People at aid organisations are stunned as well. The Times also quoted an anonymous source at the Red Cross. The source comments the situation by saying "The US are shipping in their own aid, but has not made demands for Israel to open a safe passage for other nations, who could help the Red Cross' and UN's work."

It was completely obscene, after the USA handed over their Stars and Stripes laden aid packages to the Red Cross in a fancy ceremony, that Israel dropped four destructive bombs in to a suburb in Beirut. I wonder what Hezbollah targets they were aiming at.

Whose fault is this mess then? Hezbollah are no saints in this crisis, though Israel's reaction has been completely opposite to that what you would expect from a civilised nation. Both Hezbollah and Israel are responsible for each of the lives lost in the daily bombings.

Further adding to the chaos of the situation, the UN security advisory has not reached an agreement on how to condemn Israel's attack on the UN outpost. The strike killed four people who were working in the area in the name of peace. Despite at least 12 calls to the Israeli army to seize fire, from the station were ignored. The USA is refusing to criticise its business partner! The UN's authority is reduced to the spoiled sport of the play park. Added to this Israel has shown complete arrogance by announcing that the International leaders agree with its military actions as they could not arrive at a conclusion on a proposed seize fire.

I think it would be best if we send in a Kindergarten teacher to solve this conflict. They deal with children's fights over honour, integrity and conscience on a daily basis. Teaching is a respectable profession as in situations much like the above example on children and the bigger picture of Israel and Hezbollah. When teachers are solving conflicts they first look at what happened, make the parties involved apologise and then everyone goes home in peace.
Too bad some people are too dumb and too selfish to find a simple resolution to their problems.


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