Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dooms Day Prophecies

Scaring people with about end of the world is a lucrative profession. Large amount of docents, government bodies, Greenpeace, EPA and countless of other organizations kept alive by the society.

Nearly every morning when I turn on the TV I hear about a new environmental disaster waiting to happen or the latest developments of El Nino, often backed up by some over excited, militant like environmentalist. In these rather religious morning masses people predict the polar caps melting and the Golf stream freezing causing another ice age.

For the last 40 years the media has been screaming at the top of its lungs about the pollution in oceans, but yet each summer most of us come to divulge them selves in leisure activities in the sea, bathe in the sun, even though it is said the ozone depletion causes skin cancer. People also satisfy their hunger from the produce of these oceans.

It seems that environmental agencies have proclaimed a competition about who can scare people to submission first about the next imminent threat ending all civilization. When one organization finds a piece of ship paint in the rocks, it calls for extensive research and cleansing of the area, effectively wasting a millions of public funds.

There have been some political parties that have said that the ocean’s are so polluted that we should not consume fish, mainly due to dioxide. Even though you would need to consume 220 000 tones of fish to catch a slightest amount in your blood stream!

Governments, universities and financial organizations back a wide plethora of dooms day preachers. In the Finnish TV show MOT and a wide variety of highly respected news outlets have come to agree that a majority of these prophecies and calls of “end of the world” are false. TV pundits would be quick to disagree and adamantly point out that every single hurricane, tsunami, storm, flood is caused ultimately by humans.

Some churches and religions have created their popularity by making people believe that judgment day is nigh and we must all repent. When our well respected patriarchs have given up on talks about God punishing us for our sins as in the hundreds of years of organized religions existing God has failed to rain fire from the skies, it seems that TV pundits and university professors have taken up their job.

Talking about the environment gains political parties free votes, higher positions, and backing from other political parties. PhD’s get more funding for their, often nonessential, studies and get to travel the world and visit seminars.

Health secretaries have become high priestess’ of health fascism, who believes that everything that you eat is poisonous and will kill you. This insanity began over 40 years ago when they declared that sugar, salt, butter, milk, bread, meat, egg etc were classed as potential dangers.

We see the effects of this every time we visit the grocery store. We see a selection of “healthy living” products, light spreads and the scared consumers buying these products. People are so petrified that soon we will see that we lose our hereditary ability of having everyday meals with the family and lose the dinner table conversations. Half the people dining can’t eat the food being served because an official government health body has declared the produce harmful.

How could we convince all the health fascists, dooms day preachers, environmental terrorists and other trend environmentalists to say that half of their claims are made up?

We must only hope that the future will laugh at all the health fascism and all the dooms day prophecies.


Blogger Lennon said...

Even if this was factually correct, surely you're preaching in the same manner as the people you write about. Just from a different view point!!

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