Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And on todays menu...

“Would you like large or regular?”

A question we have to ponder ever so often when we have our deluge of unhealthy fatty foods into our bodies. Deep fat fried foods, bacon, fry ups.

It is a well known fact that over 90% of the British population are over weight or obese and that the dietary habits of a nation have been famously criticized by the French and the Russians. And on a personal note I am sad to say that I do not take dietary advise from a British person seriously, because it has no credibility.

Though the nation quite open heartedly admit the problem and that their lust for heart attack laced foods is insatiable little or nothing at all is being done about the crisis that has been on the cards for years now.

Or is there?

Oh yes there is. How could I forget that the government is doing everything in its power to educate people about healthier dietary habits and healthy life styles? The governments response to a dilemma that has grown to be a crisis is far from ideal. Right now our only source for dietary advise comes from the idiot box.

Oh yes, the British government in their infinite wisdom has left it to the coach potatoes to grimace at shocking shows as Ian Wright’s Fat kids, Jamie’s Return to School meals and Diet Doctors and a dozen other health shows. It sure makes great entertainment to watch fat blobs that once were called kids struggle with even the smallest amount of exercise, but is it the solution to the nationwide problem?

Yes it seems fairly common day that fat people make good television now, but it is doing very little if anything to actually promote a healthy living on a wider scale. Sure a few might pick up on the shock horror value of these shows, but without the proper guidance or advise they are stuck in an endless loop of not losing their weight and effectively cutting their lives short.

The most common excuse we hear now days is that we do not have enough time, but in brutal honesty it’s all down to bad time management. The time we spend “relaxing” in front of a TV screen could be spent exercising. All it takes to maintain a good general health is to do a minimum of half an hour of exercise per day. And this does not include walking in town and shopping. The NHS is already bleeding millions of pounds to waste to provide electric wheel chairs for the obese, because their own legs are unable to support their bodies, and the money the nations fat is costing us could be spent in better ways than worrying about that a enormous ball of lard, that once was a human being, gets around. Part of being a human is to be able to use all parts of your body and maintaining the body so that we can lead active and healthy lives, but once some one has to rely on machines to get us around due to our weight they deserve to be ridiculed and pointed at.

The problem exists in schools and at homes. Parents are too lazy to care for their children. They are looking for quick fix meal solutions, so that they can enjoy their peace and quiet in front of the TV. They would rather sit their kids in front of a PlayStation or an Xbox than encourage them to take part in after school activities or sports.

Like said, parents aren’t the only ones to blame for the reckless dietary habits of the young. Schools are the biggest culprits in letting our kids and the nation go loose. Schools exist in the main to provide education and in that education included is not only the knowledge of basic core subjects, but education into healthy lives. PE lessons hardly exist, schools are not being aggressive enough in trying to encourage children to take on sports. Decent home economy classes are not being provided and if they are they consist of teaching the basic English dishes: bangers and mash, fry ups, fish and chips and probably steak and ale pie. How on earth is a child supposed to learn how to live a life if it is not encouraged by it’s educators and mentors to seek activities and be physically active.

Instead of providing information and educating children on healthy values and life styles they get fed fatty foods, with no nutritional value and get are probably the most stressed group of people. Even though the school system starts from an early age, the nation still wonders why on earth is the future of the nation getting dumber and dumber by generation.

It is a proven fact that sports and daily exercise help people focus and achieve better results. Exercise also works as a stress reliever and helps one maintain a healthy life style in the main. If the government is promising money to take care of school lunches it has failed. The nation will get fatter and fatter unless people do not take the proactive approach and switch the idiot box off and go experience the great out doors.

It’s a sad disgrace that we are bringing up such a hollow and shallow generation and have been stuck in the loop for a long time. Abandon the TV shows about fat people, if nothing else works; Tax the fat! Otherwise nothing can fix the damage done.


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