Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Anna Politkovskaja was buried on Tuesday. Approximately 5,000 people saw her to her final journey. The world has gathered in masses and stood in silent demonstration. Even those, who didn’t know who Politkovskaja was.

It is tragic and shocking that in the 21st century you have to pay your life for the truth.
If there is any truth to the leaders’ speeches, Russia is a democratic country. But Vladimir Putin appears to be like a character from Alice in Wonderland.

The Humpty Dumpty says: “When I say a word, it means what I want it to mean”

When Alice wonder this declaration Humpty replies: “When I make the word work, I pay it a bit extra.”

Democracy, freedom of speech, decency and truth. Words that Russia uses often in jokes. Jokes that wont make the people laugh. Not any more.

Even the backs of words break under too much weight.

If you type “Truth” in Google, it will produce 274 million hits.

The Russian word for truth is known from the Soviet Pravda magazine. From this magazine the people could read what was true. Other truths were silenced. And truth was not free before the Russian revolution.

It’s not a surprise that generations have learnt to see the truth from between the lines.
Maxim Gorki wrote: “Even if you see that he lies, believe him. In other words listen and try to understand why he lies. At times lying explains the true human nature better than speaking the truth.”

What about truth elsewhere?

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 is the most watched documentary in the USA. It was released before the last presidential election. Though Moore’s research relies heavily on flimsy statistics and he exerts his personal opinion he hits the nail on the head when he discusses the relationship between people and politics by saying: “What’s good for business, is bad for people.”

What Moore is trying to get at is the Bush family’s business relationship with the bin Laden family and the rich and wealthy of Saudi Arabia and to the claim that the war in Iraq was started to cover up perhaps the biggest case of treason.

Greed is a strange force in the sense that it will demolish all ethics and moral, like a cockroach is squished under a shoe.

-We are doing this in the name of freedom and truth!

“Man often trips over what is true, but more than often, they will get up and run away like nothing had happened.” This is something that Winston Churchill said.

Truth is something that we must always stick to!


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