Thursday, October 12, 2006

What a World We Created

What in the hell is wrong with this world? If I was the pope, my answer would be “Hell indeed is wrong with this world”, but given that I have completely different view on the world and religion I, and many others will argue that it’s man’s insatiable greed, desire for power and stupidity that is wrong with the world. You can’t blame all the wrong in the world on the devil.

President George W Bush used all his political influence to pass a law which allows torture in order to obtain important information. Under the shadow of terrorism the USA has been taken back by centuries.

Human rights seem to be a hot topic in Russia as well. Though there things are apparently simplified. Difficult cases are taken care by hit men. Be it the secret service or disappointed officers, the government has done very little if anything at all to rectify the situation. Every silenced voice increases the power president Putin holds. No one in their right mind is to trust any investigation done by a corrupt police organization.

The power hungry dictator Kim Jong-il is very similar to a James Bond film villain. The man is blowing up underground nuclear devices while his people are dying of starvation. If the same carries on for a few years, the man may have a nuke, but no subordinates

These events shadow the everyday suicide bomb attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. These stories once dominated front pages of news, but now they only get a passing mention with Victoria Beckham.

Is this the world we want to leave for our children? Is man ever going to smarten up? Democracy and diplomacy are great things, but do they have any real place in places like United States, Russia or North Korea? No! Where are the wise, brave European leaders who are not afraid to speak their mind? I strongly think that the Pope, every organized religion and the EU leaders should be ashamed!


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