Friday, September 29, 2006

The dark and seedy forest

Hansel and Gretel go to the forest with devastating consequences. Little red riding hood didn’t fare too well either. Today’s darkest and seediest forest is the Internet, where a paedophile lies on the bed dressed as the unwell grand mother striving to make contact.

- But grandma’, why do you have such big ears?
- So I can full fill your longing for an adult who listens.
- But grandma’, why do you have such a big mouth?
- So that I can end your childhood by devouring everything innocent and share the leftovers with my friends.

Paedophiles secret weapon is to exploit a child’s need for an understanding adult, which they have not got from their own parents. Hence experts suggest that the best way to protect a child from paedophiles is to take care of the quality of parenthood. A child who receives enough attention, understanding, acceptance and love is less likely to take up on the temptations of strangers than the one left without all the attention and love.

A family is so much more than a group of people who you share the fridge with.

Not really rocket science, but atleast some one is voicing their opinion.

A child is often so ashamed and so guilty that they are not able to speak out about being molested. Hence why police, globally is targeting the Internet chat rooms as a place to start tracking paedophiles. What then when some one some where decides to pull the plug? Are we to move the responsibility on to the shoulders of volunteers?

We have a duty to protect childhood and innocence. The message must be clear: If you destroy a life of a child, we will destroy yours.

In the Netherlands paedophiles have been busy trying to form their own political party. Their reasoning is based on individual’s freedom and democracy. Every flower must be given the chance to bloom, because the population is due to voice their opinion, on what flowers are going to be accepted to the society.

What the fuck?

Compared to this world, stories by Brother’s Grim are happy bed time stories!


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