Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dreams and Utopia

We live in a surreal world. Science fiction novels have partly come true. Brittish author Aldous Huxley published his Brave New World in 1932. The ethos of the book is the realisation of utopian dream is a lot easier than you would have believed.

It is now 2006 and we are living in total utopian world. It is the illusion created by the continuous growth, that ‘big brother’ is overseeing. You remember the Peugeot add don’t you? We are caught on camera over 300 times a day. Our moves and lives are monitored by these security measures and countless registers we are listed under. If you want to find some one, it is not that difficult. Nothing is a secret, except reality.

The continuous technological advances are cleverly marketed to misguided to our weak standards of living and with the fact that the advances will make our daily lives easier. In reality the total opposite has happened; people burn out before they hit their middle ages. We are downgrading our health services and people who need treatment are left to wander the streets with anti depressants in their pockets. The safe communities of the past are history and everyone has to find their own way.

The 21st century big brother is the faceless markets, which control the world economy. Self producing production is meaningless. Success of companies is set by investors who speculate with market shares and by waiting.

“We focus on what is important” is a statement heard too often. It is wide spread from the mouths of corporate leaders. In reality it means that all material goods need to be get rid of, one way or another. Forestry companies sell their forests unwary of the truth and other companies sell their estates. This frees money to a greater game and world domination. In reality greater corporations rely only on their knowledge and expertise. If demand falls, destruction follows. The capital has been spent.

It’s a vicious cycle that affects us all. It has its own mechanism, that not one government controls. It burns natural resources at an increasing rate and pollutes the air we breathe. We are all apart of a twisted and extreme version “Survivor” where the weakest are dropped. In reality man has invented a machine that will stop only after the world has drowned in the shit it produces.

A high judge who could put everything to an end does not exist. Only the leaders can slow the progress down by making rash decisions. This will leave on the people we now pity, because they can’t afford to be a part of the great game. Maybe we are living in a new era, in which the great minds of our world are coming up with ways to avoid utopias and plan the return to the most non-utopian way of life. A life less perfect, but free.


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