Monday, November 27, 2006

The Dusk of Morality

Society behaves as it sees morally fit. Citizens’ morals are often regulated by laws, which try and prohibit unwanted behaviour and favour the behaviour that the society sees fit. But how many of the law and policy makers understand that behaviour that is right is regulated by something else than law. The best of things can be an enemy. It must be kept in mind when you are discussing what a healthy society has to do for its citizens.

Rewind back thirty odd years. Students in higher education could not bare the thought of going to unemployment register for the summer. It would have been an act to be shamed off. Today it is not a shame it is a privilege. Unemployment back in these days was a temporary state that you tried to eradicate no matter what.

Today there are countless of people unemployed, and no one is ashamed or embarrassed about the fact. Not the unemployed, the politicians or the employees. The society’s moral understanding has changed. Working and earning a living are completely disregarded, while society bleeds millions in tax payers’ moneys into the unemployed.

What has changed the moral of caring for your self and family to a “I want it all and I want it now” moral? Unfortunately it is the wide spread of public services expanding. A nice thought has produced an ugly end result.

To make things worse: Academically educated parents of two, both employed full time, pay their first net tax at the age of forty-five. Until then they are in the receiver ship of society.

It is clear that society’s back is at a breaking point. The nation is in turmoil with people not willing to look for work when the society is paying for everything. People have become focussed on their own interests. The blame is to be placed on those who enjoy the benefits of councils and on the government who has made it possible for too many to benefit from too many services. We are getting so close to the barrier that will break what we have come to know as ‘morals’. To make matters worse, the elite of the society is competing amongst itself how selfish greed will see them to a better life.

Our tax monies is not an unending supply of well being of future generations. The money needs to be spent on building a better future for our children and our grandchildren. We do not want to leave them in a financial struggle in a nation without morals where honest hard days work is not worth a thing?


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