Friday, January 12, 2007

George Makes Bids Against Time

George W is trying to buy time in Iraq, by sending in more troops, but can he find enough men and women who are willing to die?

In his last address regarding the war in Iraq, he used his familiar words to gain support for adding troops. Some of these words included: Victory, Freedom and Terrorism. However for the first time he admitted that he had made mistakes with Iraq, but at the same time he rejected plans put forwards by a committee, appointed to find a resolve in Iraq. Instead of recommendations, Bush is sending an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq.

The situation is starting to take Vietnam like features all the time. More troops were sent in stages, and then when the public turned against the war, it was “vietnamised”. A few years after that, the final American troops were evacuated via chopper from the roof of the embassy.

Even though the USA is not facing an ‘enemy’ supported by great communistic superpowers or an ‘enemy’ that has a clear and concise leadership, but are facing a number of ethnic and religious groups. The mystified al-Qaeda is seen more as a way of thinking than an organisation.

The USA seem to be drifting into war on three different fronts. The troubles in Afghanistan are mounting up to a serious conflict and to top it all off USA is engaged in a conflict with Somalia as well.

On all three fronts it seems that USA is fighting it’s much publicised number one enemy: Muslim extremists. Maybe the cowboy/world police attitude will only result in an uprising against the USA and the US troops.

One thing that the Yanks do have at the moment is war machinery and dollars, but do they have enough willing men and women, who are willing to die for a cause that people are losing their faith in? The military cannot set high standards for new recruits, as all willing and able bodies must be shipped off on a tight schedule. One option the USA need to consider is national service, that George W cunningly escaped during the Vietnam war.

Everything that the USA is doing is plagued by the appalling knowledge of foreign cultures. Not all nations in the world understand to ask for Bush’s freedom offers. Many in fact are happy with the order that the extreme Islamists have installed. Though they paid a high price for this in Afghanistan as well as Somalia.

Bush is trying to buy time and the democrats are afraid to ask for Bush to admit defeat. PR stunts wont be enough for securing a victory over time.


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