Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Big Brother Teaches Us So...

The reality TV Behemot Big Brother has offered us countless of valuable lessons that we can really learn from. One competitor long gone and forgotten once said he could "forget all other jobs and could only focus on TV-shows." Though the sad state of affairs is that Big Brother is not really work. People who sit, drink, fight and fuck on live TV can't really be called workers.

At schools children should receive secure basic education, which will help them get places in life. But in the light of the Big Brother phenomenon, or any reality TV phenomenon for that matter, the department of education should reconsider what to teach children. What do they care about mastering the English grammar and spelling, when they spend more time trying to imitate their reality TV idols.

What good is learning about DNA or biology if you sit at a dinner table wearing a hat, burbing and you laugh at your loudest farts of all time. Is there any point in reading classic novels or analyse art/poetry when participants reflect their views on life from the various marketing strap lines.

I think the Department of education is teaching kids the wrong things don't you?
Another great lesson Big Brother has offered us over the years is the increase in divorces. The reason being only in man's stupidity and nothing else. If some one wants to get busy with some one else rather than their girlfriend or wife you do it and don't get caught. Or then you can go the Big Brother way: go live in a reality TV house and exercise bed wrestling with an airhead blonde and hope that no one sees. It only goes to TV.


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