Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Hummer Is Stuck In The Sand

Back home, when my car got stuck in the masses of snow, I had to put some bark or branches under the wheels to get going again. In a desert you can’t find bark, nor branches and the car must be equipped by sand ladders if it gets stuck in a dune. This is the current state of affairs for American’s in Iraq and George W. Bush can’t extend a helping hand. James Baker’s report confirms that a hummer is pretty much useless in sand. It can’t go forwards, nor reverse. The wheels are running on empty.

However the deepest problem with the situation is the new conservative missionaries. Democracy must be implemented to the whole of the Middle East and of course in the truest American form. Revolutionizing a society is a bad product to take abroad as nations and societies need to choose their respective paths by them selves.

Even before the Baker report was published the new defense secretary, Robert Gates, said that USA is not winning the war in Iraq. It is however, painfully difficult for a superpower to retreat from Iraq, without losing its face.

Baker suggests that responsibility should be transferred to Iraq’s own government. Undoubtedly this reminds many, who have studied history or lived at the time the Vietnamisation of the South East Asian war in the 70s. Troops of Saigon crumbled fast and the last yanks flew off with a chopper from the roof of the embassy.

In Iraq the USA does not have the similar threat as Vietnam, where a communist regime would capture power. After the American’s pull out, Iraq might be torn in a bloody power struggle between the Kurds, Shia muslims and Sunnies. As harsh as it may seem this may be the best solution. The main problem of this is the equal distribution of the wealthy oil reserves between the three.

Bush is against the ideas that Baker put forward and was hugely upset by the Israeli, Palestine conflict and its effect on the Muslim community. When Iran and Syria jumped into the talks, Bush set a number of suggestions, much of which were to divert discussions to other subjects. On the other hand the Democrats are avoiding a strong attack against Bush as they are afraid of being stabbed in the back.

So here we are then. The Hummer might be stuck in the desert sands of Iraq until 2008. The bloodshed will most likely carry on a daily basis, as a reasonable resolve will never be reached in Iraq. It is with heavy heart that the president to follow Bush into the office has to admit the whole disaster we know as the war in Iraq


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