Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Many of the 60's and 70's generation is sure to remember the scenes when thousands of anti war demonstrators stormed through Washington in opposition of the war in Vietnam. Iraq today, is looking much like the disaster of Vietnam. George W. has promissed that he will withdraw from Iraq, but with dignity. No one sees a clear route to a dignified pull out.

In a great nation, there can be many views and expressions. The flurry of demonstrators itself is a colourful group. The harsh truths are that bloodshed in Iraq continues on a daily basis, and the Bush's reputation has collapsed. The State of The Union speech of last week has not received any acclaim and no one has defended it.

Opposing the war in Iraq has received two international faces. Jane Fonda, fondly named "Hanoi-Jane", rose back up on the barricades. Hilary Clinton attacked Bush's Iraq policy when she officially announced she would run as a Democratic candidacy in the next election.

Any non Rebublican politician wishing for a shot at the White House will ride high on the wave of Iraq criticism. Up untill now, Clinton has avidly supported Bush's actions that the nation accepted after the tragedies of 9-11.

Criticising the occupation of Iraq is easy, but withdrawing is extremely difficult. The congress can deny to fund the troops promissed by Bush, but the truth is that 21,000 troops will not solve the crisis one way or the other. the congress is preparing a statement, which is rumoured to attack Bush's policy and initiatives.

The Democrats are petrified of being labelled as the party who stabbed the president in the back, when the road to a deserved and earned victory has already opened its gates. Similar propaganda was spread by Hitler in his time. Bush is a crippled duck, but he will hobble his term till the end. The surgent troops in Iraq don't have the same power of force as the Vietkong when it forced the yanks to the roof of its embassy to wait for a chopper.


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